Matric dance photography is a fun shoot to do for me as photographer. Couples get as excited about their matric dance happening, like engaged couples are about their upcoming wedding.

For a matric dance, a lot of preparation and planning went into your attire and look, and it’s important to remember it in the best way possible: with a professional photoshoot for you and your partner. Matric dance photography is to capture that, to remember a special evening. To be sure you’ll know why you worked your whole school career for especially this, a very important reason to dress up, and enjoy the evening.

I work all over Gauteng, and this shoots was done in Johannesburg Souht, for a beautiful matric dance pupil, who smiled so gorgeously from ear to ear.

Having it done on location, creates some atmosphere and adds some environment and a unique feel to your moment.

It’s definitely the evening to be having butterflies in your stomach, and to enjoy your whole matric dance event tremendously. A lot of planning and organising goes into your event, and to have it professionally captured is an amazing idea to make sure you remember the special era of your life coming to an end, in a professional way.

Whether in studio or on location, we can get to make some magic together, showcasing the very best of who you are and the thought that went into what your are to wear that evening. The Loci Matric Dance Photography Shoot, is not only a value for money opportunity, it’s to make sure, you never forget this special moment.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialized Photographer