Doing Matric Dance images, is such tremendous fun. It always makes for a great time dealing with these young people, who always look amazing dressed for the night.

What’s known overseas as the Prom, especially South Africans – matriculate, and our year-end function, the Matric Dance is our way of greeting our school careers on a high note, and enjoying an evening of dancing, dinner, and a great event.

Doing some senior pictures is always fun, exciting, and an evening to fully just get going with the energy of the matrics, as it seems to come so naturally for them. These were done at prestige school in Springs, on the East Rand, and made for such great memories of that evening. Usually this event is held towards the third quarter of the year, but I see schools taking different stances now, and many holding their matric dance, either much earlier, or even much later, closer to the final exams.

Working with people, is what appealed to me in photography, and it’s still what I enjoy doing, and working with. They provide so much to laugh at and talk about with, and make all of it, so very interesting. Matric dances will always stay favourites of mine to photograph.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialised Photographer