Matric Dance Photography, East Rand

For many photographers, the start of the wedding season is something they look forward to – for me, I really do enjoy the short time when there are a few matric dances happening. I enjoyed the beauty of this young girl so much, and her unique choice of striking red, and touches of gold, made her a knock-out. Matric Dance Photography is my own personal brand of fun.

She opted for her hair taking up in a slick ponytail,, and her makeup was done to perfection.

I always try, and go the extra mile for these young people, because I know it’s an evening they would want to remember fondly, and have put in a lot of effort themselves to look dashing for their events.

The matric dance shoot is usually done before the young couple have to leave for the venue, so there is still enough daylight left for your shoot, and if you use your surroundings in a smart way, you would be surprised how even a street can become what you could work with.

Her partner was such a funny, jovial and attractive guy, and they made for such a handsome couple to photograph. Her dress had this beautiful swish to it, and I had her flip it for me for some dramatic effect.

I would suggest use all natural places where light come in anyway, to the best of your abilities. Just having her sit next to a window with soft light coming in, made for a striking image. And I could use that light to show off some of her accessories too, with fine jewellery and her shoes.

Have the couple just interact with times, instead of intense posing, even if you have to make silly jokes, and again, use interesting angles to perhaps show different perspectives, such as from above or from below.

Professional Matric Dance Photography

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography