Maternity shoots on location, Johannesburg

As much as I like beautiful maternity shoots outside using the environment, just as much do I like maternity shoots on location, and the studio look too for these shoots, and this amazing family filled my heart so much in 2017, as this lovely mommy had let me know that they were finally expecting their own bundle of joy after trying. I had previously done their wedding in 2012, and had kept touch with them throughout the year with various shoots.

They opted for their maternity shoot to be done with a studio feel, something Loci Photography were able to provide, as for years I have had the system of a mobile studio setup, and I had been able to serve many clients this way.

They were such an understanding family, as the previous week when their shoot were actually scheduled, I had a car accident and had to phone the morning of the shoot to cancel. They were kind and nice, and luckily, we were able to postpone it. 🙂

I actually enjoy maternity shoots so much because the energy of expecting parents are wonderful, and I love hearing all their stories on how the pregnancy is going so far, if it’s perhaps a boy or a girl (or in a recent shoot – two girls AND a boy), what names they were thinking of – and it’s both comforting and surprising to hear how every situation is different, and how everyone is handling is uniquely.

Some people have very little plans and just take it as it comes – some have had their baby room ready since month 1.

Parents also ask me how soon should the newborn shoot happen, and I always say, as soon as they are comfortable and have their routine sort of set, for some it’s a couple of days for others it might be months, if babies are premature or has to stay in hospitals for longer. So I get the email as soon as people are ready, and we create a lovely setup usually in their home where we can make baby comfortable, and as calm a shoot as possible.


Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer