Happy wedding clients, become new parents at some point after their wedding, and as is with this couple – I get to capture the new addition to follow in their lives too. Maternity shoots are done before baby’s arrival, and because we’re working with both shapes, and the chemistry between mommy and daddy, we can get very creative with the use of props, accessories and even light.

These two stunning parents, always smile, always joke, and is always a pleasure to shoot and meet with. Baby was on her way, and we wanted a maternity shoot, outside. It’s a bump, and it’s something you have to deal with. We maybe tested the waters literally with them on a bridge, but in all fairness, be careful with a new mommy during your shoot. Look at the location, and if the environment is safe for the couple.

Then again, as photographers, we’re creative people, and I still say to add the life into your images, bring some different factor. A great location helps, as I like to include some environment into my images with something in the foreground, or background. I like the tall grass, the shimmering water, the beautiful clouds, and the lines of the bridge.

Maternity shoots are¬†something special, because your time during maternity, runs out at some point, and even when baby is there, and you are more in love with your small person than what you can imagine – something has passed now, and a great, fun, casual shoot showing your bump and an evident love, makes you remember that time. It’s all part of the keepsakes for baby one day, something you’ll treasure of the whole adventure of parenthood.

Loci Photography offers a Maternity- and Newborn Combo package, be sure to inquire.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialised Photographer