Maternity Shoot on Location

Good clients are key to any business, but when they’re awesome, you fall in love with them, and a Maternity Shoot on Location, with these two, was amazing experience. This lovely mother explained to me the difficult route to have this expecting baby become a part of their family, and now that she was glowingly pregnant, they couldn’t wait for their girl to make an appearance.

We wanted more of a lifestyle session, and planning it around their home in an estate in Kyalami, Midrand. We had such a wonderful time together, and it made for great conversation.

Later in the day they said they wanted us to go to the nearby extravang Mall of Africa, for some shots outside, as we had a beautiful sunset that was going to happen, and some architecture would made for interesting images and I agree. It was enormous fun to walk around the mall and on an outside area where you look out over some of Johannesburg and Midrand, we took some of our last shots and enjoyed the evening sky and the stunning colours that was happening.

Maternity shoots are the best – it’s filled with stories of family dynamics, and the hopes and wishes parents-to-be would want for their baby. Each family is different I’ve seen, and they each have a journey that is as unique as each baby. To meet this family was a privilege and when their stunning baby was born some time after, we made a gorgeous newborn happen in their home on a rainy day, with the mobile studio Loci Photography provides for clients.

Maternity Shoot on Location, this is usually somewhere where the couple wants to not have a studio look, but some background and environment as well, and I do think some of that Mall of Africa in this shoot, provided them with that. I haven’t done a shoot in this setting before, and I enjoyed it so much, because it’s everything I love within photography – it’s lines and texture and repetition and added stunning light, makes for a good recipe, and a product I love so much.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer

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