Lindi and Wynand – studio portfolios

Studio portfolios

Lindi & Wynand is that couple we all love to hate, because they adore each other so much, and a session with them, is immense fun, we all couldn’t stop laughing. They are dream clients, because they both know how to work the camera a little, even if they might both deny it, and they make for great portraits. 

We did their shoot for their album cover in studio, and used a darker, moor moody feel for them. The shoot was for their album “Bruid”. Please see some features of their images and album cover in Rooi Rose:

These two awesome people are gospel singers, and I met them one evening while shooting for the Ghoema awards a few years ago, for which they also won an award that year.

That year we had a lovely set up at the Joburg Theatre and did some classical portraits of the artists who won. I loved that project, it’s definitely a favourite of mine…., please see their piece here:

These two just immediately had such a presence and working with them is a breeze.

They are called “Anders”, which suits them well, anders means differents, and all I know if Lindi’s smile is enough to brighten any room.

Throughout my career there has been many book covers and album covers I had been able to photograph, it’s awesome that everyone has a different idea ands viewpoint, and you get to work with earnest artists who has their vision as well, and would like for you to represent them well. Some might choose location, for me studio portfolios I still love.

I’ve always said what I do has an immortal, eternal element to it, because if for some reason I wasn’t to be here anymore tomorrow, pieces of me will live on forever all over the world. That for me is quite a blessing, and makes this not a fleeting kind of career, but something that gives all sort of people, fond memories, and great visual products.

Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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