Learning to love yourself, the boudoir lesson

I always tell my boudoir clients, that this shoot will definitely help you love yourself, so much more. It will make you see a side of you that we don’t see everyday, with everyday makeup, doing chores, running errands, if you’re a mother, taking care of your children, or if perhaps you are a business woman, making strides in a different way.

I don’t always know, if I take the advise myself, if I allow anyone to photograph me quite as I would like to photograph many other women. I get lost in shoots. While I’m busy shooting I’m thinking of more and more ways on how perhaps I’m able to make them feel better about themselves, how I can use the light better, how I can make something soft and dreamy happen…, and when I’m by myself I have the biggest bat to hit myself with, and it’s a horrible habit, and one I’m constantly trying to change.

I’m superbly real, too real some would say. I’ve always been very intense and I see things in a very different, almost non-traditional way. My reason for wanting to do photography was probably very romantic, in thinking I can change something. Perhaps I should’ve thought about it more in a business sense but I do know, even though I pour everything I have into it now, I do still see it as way of bringing a certain change into someone’s visual perception of themselves, and for the better.

This journey, for lack of a better word, will always be with me, and to love myself more, is healthy for me, and everyone around me, as I seem to emit so energy that is palpable, and I enjoy that. I like making people feel better about themselves, and I like to know how else, I can make someone’s day better, and brighter. Love yourself is what I try and teach, and then I fail at it many times, by just not being able to do it fully for myself. I guess I can’t blame anyone else, it’s always your own responsibility to make a choice of staying positive or not – but we have all experienced hard times, or relationships not working out, or some form of rejection, and this unfortunately  – stings.

But I’ll work on it even more, because in actual fact I do love who I am, and I do want my clients to feel that they took, can be so beautiful, with an enhancement of magic, this product they receive that I carefully make for them.

The images I include here, are some I took recently of myself for some content marketing, and some other photographers took – all of which I love, and all of which shows me, in a different, beautiful way. I am by now means a model, but I do like the process and I do like the challenge from time to time.

Remember to at least TRY, and love yourself… 🙂
Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer – be sure to see my gallery and listing in Little Pink Book!