Intimate Newborn Shoots in studio

Intimate Newborn Shoots in studio

This is such an incredible family – the most beautiful bunch of people in one place. The father is former Mr South Africa Stephen Segal, and his incredible wife model, businesswoman- and activist Adele Segal.

They have two lovely kids, and when their little girl was born I wanted to do a baby shoot with them that were quite moody, in a style I love very much, and I am very grateful to them to have gone to the effort they had. They visited my home studio and together we had such fun, which made for an emotional- and intimate product that I still love.

I think families are precious, and each family have their own unique setup. This little girl completed their lovely quartet and I admire both of these parents, I don’t think I have ever seen Stephen without a smile, and Adele is the most friendly, helpful and kindest person you’ll ever meet – I think these are two lucky children.

With children, there is no other recipe expect patience and some waiting. You can’t force and you can only go with what they give you. Elijah is a soft-natured smiling boy and little Noa never even made a peep. Mommy already knows how to work a camera supremely well, and I love her images with her kids, she really helps to bring both emotion and softness to the images.

I really love shooting at my home studio. When I started my business it was grind after grind trying to go where the work is. I used to drive to Johannesburg so often for work, coming from Pretoria, and being able to work so much now from my home studio feels like a step-up in life, something more comfortable fell into place, something in life progressed for the better. This family was a joy having here, and a joy to photograph, great memories were made when Noah was still quite a small baby for them to keep for a long time.

Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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