Incredible matric dance photography in Centurion, Pretoria


This awesome matric dance was shot in a way I actually LOVE shooting them –  with awkward, tentative young people, not sure how to fully pose or what to do – and you working extra hard to get them on your side, and make the process easier.I loved this shoot, it was immense fun – the father was a huge candid clown throughout the whole shoot, embarrassing his son continuously, and this stunning young girl, first didn’t quite know how lovely she looked, and gained more and more confidence as the shoot progressed – and sometimes this cool transformation happens right in front of your eyes.

It was a day of matric dance shoots, as the venue we were at, the Irene Dairy Farm in Centurion, had many couples using the spots available for their shoots. The afternoon light happening at the Dairy Farm, provides lots of romance and softness as the lower light streams through the many tall trees, and the various walkways and open spaces provide a lovely backdrop.

It’s such a fun shoot, as it’s many things I love all added together – the youthful excitement these kids have, the way they are looking forward to a fantastic evening with friends, the light that only a late afternoon gives that are like food and air to a photographer, and the way I get to interact and work with people who are not too sure on how to pose, but want a good product and trust you implicitly as the professional, someone who knows exactly what they’re doing and is suppose to help you in that.

This kid was a hoot, and I really enjoyed the banter he and his father never stopped having – people who come to a shoot with a great attitude, who trusts the process and just goes with the flow of a shoot – makes for amazing clients, and leaves me grateful to be doing what I do.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography