The Ghoema Awards 2017, exclusive glossy images by Loci Photography

The Ghoema Awards 2017 was such a stunning event. Last year I was asked to take photos of the many celebrities and artists that attended, and it was an amazing experience – how we were able to style these images in such a way that they were ultra classy.

This year, I was asked again to do these images of the artists, and especially the winners, and we had quite a busy evening, held at the Emperor’s Palace in Kempton Park.

Some of the celebrities who attended were Charlize Berg, Riana Nel, Leah, Refentse, Arno Carstens, the group Adam, Joshua na die Reën, Sorina Erasmus, Franja– and Juanita du Plessis, Elizma Theron, and the bubbly Nadine Blom and Jawaahier Peterson, daughter of late artist Taliep Petersen, who forms part of the Jaloersbokkies group.

A simple set-up was used, but in all of the evening’s chaos, it was more again on how good we were able to style each artist- or group, with the limited time we had.

More of these exclusive images can be seen on Kyknet’s website!

I’ve always, always maintained that the only reason for me being successful, apart from good skill, or whatever other reason – is first and foremost definitely building good relationships. And being able to be a part again of the Ghoema Awards through previous successes and me being asked, to give that skill to Kyknet again this year.

This year’s images was also published in Digityd, Kyknet’s schedule magazine, and came out on Sunday the 7th of May, together with the Rapport newspaper.

Only through keeping relationships in good shape, and providing whatever you can, giving good products or results, would this ever get you anywhere, and I fully believe that.

It was chaos, and crazy, and going from one side of the building through to the other side, setting up again backstage, and making sure of so many different things at once…..and I appreciate all of it, and I’m thankful and grateful.

To the next one! Ghoema Awards 2017.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer

Loci’s Event Photography