Fitness Shoots in Pretoria

Fitness Shoots in Pretoria

A whole new work of fitness photography has recently presented itself, and this seems, like a great world to explore. It’s a lifestyle of so many active people, and it’s often purely because they love to train, they love to feel fit, and they love to feeling they get from sweating in a gym.

This disciplined type of lifestyle makes for beautifully cut bodies, and anything with shape – photographs well….:)

Fitness photography can actually get so creative – I certainly enjoyed it because what I do – is play with light. And what fitness photography is, is showing off the shape – and I loved playing with colours and light to show off the best lines, and everyone turns out actually to be so friendly.

This particular set of images was done for a new nutritional supplement that was developed for the use of people both hard in training, as well as those wanting to build muscle, or lose weight.

A Sunday was spent at an incredible gym in the East of Pretoria, called the FitPit, and we tried various different scenes for images. I always love using colours creatively, and with such a shoot, colours are very much complimented, and helps to add something energetic to the images. For one of the guys, I chose a turquoise, the other a deep red, and for the stunningly built girl that was part of the shoot – a pink.

All three of them are ambassadors for the Biotech Nutrition brand.

I’m very much a creative. Fun for me, usually means creating something with my hands, a glue gun and some ribbon or foam – I’m not really a gym fanatic and I admire the huge mental sense of discipline and willpower to built your body to such levels. Doing Fitness Shoots in Pretoria, is a great way to meet the dedicated bunch out there that follow this incredible lifestyle.

I can photograph – that is was I can do well, which still is one of the very best things of myself – I can give to this world.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer

Biotech Sports Nutritional Supplements