Fitness shoots – done in studio by Loci Photography

Fitness shoots

It’s always a good idea to be in better shape and just live an ultimately better- and healthy life, and for some people, it’s a complete lifestyle. This awesome woman has been many a subject for my projects- and she is a such a reliant model. She is beautiful and lovely, and when she started her journey into healthy weight loss and fitness, I was happy to do a fitness shoot with her when the time came to send in some images for competitions.

Loci’s cosy home studio makes for dozens and dozens of shoots, and this year alone various different shoots were done here in Pretoria, where I am based.

Coming all the way from Johannesburg, she was willing to meet with me for another shoot, showcasing the hard work that went into her fitness regime.

I have huge admiration for anyone with dedication to commit to something, whether it is an art piece or working on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, or being a good parent, and her drive for a good personal physique made for good images. We used various styles, and different ways in lighting for different effects. Fitness shoots makes for a great collaboration, because it’s very proud person, showing all of their hard work and I get to work with lines and the magical way shadows and highlights creates effect.

A Fitness shoot is a wonderful idea when you want to have a record of your journey, and also various competitions require these, and then you’ll be able to proudly show your product.

We all have different priorities, and different things that are important to us – anyone who is serious about fitness goes out of their way, come rain, cold or shine, to have a good, healthy body and this is to be admired. If you’re in the business to get your body into good shape, it’s always good to have a shoot done, this will remind you often of your hard work, and keeps you motivated in all you can achieve in times when it’s more difficult.


Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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