Fitness Shoots done professionally

I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of fitness shoots. Fitness Shoots done professionally is a great representation of the client’s hard work. They are super cool, purely because you get to work with dedicative people, who wants to achieve, who has a goal everyday to wake up and make gymming and fitness part of their routine and their whole day, from their eating habits to their exercise routines, and when they come for their shoots they usually have prepared up until that point very hard for it, to be in the best possible shape for their shoot.

IN the studio we can play in all sorts of ways, usually with color and shadows and contrast, and its me in my element when that happens, I seem to just want to make their shot amazing, no matter what, and within the time I have, I try out the skills I have with lighting and posing to make their lines stand out well.

Fitness shoots usually are for the purpose of a competition the clients want to enter into, or many times fitness competitions have come and gone, and now while they are still in their best shape, we want to document that with a great shoot.

For whatever your reason may be, it’s always good to have one, purely because it’s one big load of fun. I do many in Loci’s studio!

Any client of mine, I try and strike up conversations with, because it’s only when we hear other people’s stories and where they come from, when we can associate with them more and better, and it makes for great memories. I love thinking back on my shoots and remembering each person’s unique shoot, and what they shared with me, and how I was able to make each shoot for them special.

Fitness Shoots done professionally is a great pastime of mine, I enjoy myself maybe even more than the clients, and making their stunning, ripped lines work for good photos is everything…


Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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