Fitness photography done in studio

I honestly unfortunately don’t get to shoot with so many guys often….it could most probably be a big tragedy, especially when their as awesome as this one. Fitness photography done in studio – because I enjoy my studio setup so much – is where I really feel I can provide fitness enthusiasts something extraordinary.

This guys really is all what determination and hard work is about and an incredible effort gets put into looking as fit, strong and ripped as he is. Fitness shoot makes for some great times – and it’s completely not because I get to rub babyoil on some toned bodies. It’s because it can really be technically such a beautiful shoot and you can do so many things to make the fitness shoot product something special.

I love to use colors, I think if there is one place for especially colored gels in photography to come into their own right it is in fitness shoots, and it really helps to make all of the little lines and shadows glow.

It’s not always possible to shoot at the gym the client’s use, so I use the controlled setup of the studio to show off what they have.

Connection is something I believe in, and chatting and talking to my clients comes at a given, as I always love to hear where they come from and a little bit about their loves. It turned out I met this guy some years before at a function I had photographed previously.

It’s truly impressive what regimes these fitness fanatics have to keep their bodies in shape. It’s not only exercise, it’s very much what you eat as well and it’s fascinating how they plan meals.

The Loci product is always one that is of such high quality – I believe in giving clients not only a wonderful time in studio while we photograph together, but intensive time goes into making sure their images are edited well, which is the full package that gets paid for.


Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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