Having had done previous stunning boudoir shoot with mommy, she invited me to their farm to do a family ¬†shoot with her boys. We chose the right time of day, the sun played along, the the boys – messed around, which made for antics in front of the camera – I just went with it, and fully enjoyed the causal way we all just went with the shoot. Horses, dogs and two busy boys made for great images, and the farm feel is a little different to what I’m used to, so enjoyed shooting in the open fields and having lanes of trees, and horses as company.

Working with children, requires a lot of that, patience- you can’t really script how the shoot is going to go, you have to work with them, in a patient, playful way. These boys, were funny, but fast and loud and full of energy. But that is children for you, and only going with them, makes for a more successful shoot.

A family shoot is suppose to be fun, it’s something you must remember in a fond way, with a smile – a photographer should try and achieve that with the family, with as much of the variables falling into place as possible.

This shoot was done on their farm just outside of Johannesburg, South, and it included their dogs, and a horse, some tires lying around, some dust, and a beautiful sunset…

Be sure to inquire about special family packages with Loci, as this is something, that you’ll always have, and always be able to keep…

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialized Photographer