Family shooting on location in Hartbeespoort


Some clients become friends, others love and adore you enough to stick with you through years- and this particular family has been a part of my business and photography journey, even since before I started my own business. I feel privileged to know some clients that long – time seems to fly by so incredibly quickly, and then you meet clients like these again, and you wonder where ten years went.

I was invited again during the December of 2020 to their home in Hartbeespoort, west of Pretoria where they have a new home with their stunning two boys. The whole family was there and the atmosphere, the laughs, the joy of being together – filled my heart and I had such a great time photographing all of them. This wasn’t only a shoot with the two doctors I came to know, and their two boys, it was sisters, brothers, their kids and grandparents who were all a part of the shoot, and the more people, the merrier it got it seemed, I really had the best time.

The most incredible people are people who invite you into their home warmly, even if you are not immediate family, who wants you to stay for something to eat, offer you a hug, or chat to you about your life as if they know you well, and these kinds of clients, I hold dear to my heart.

Family shoots don’t have to be too stiff or formal, this lovely shoot we did outside in a field opposite their home, and some in their small garden, to get some portraits of all of the individual families, their children, the couples, to make for a grand set of images of all of the lovely people. I received some gorgeous toddler smiles, and I was happy to be able to be a part of something special  – the love of a big family who cherishes each other.

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Yolandi Jacobsz

Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography