Family photoshoot in Hartebeespoort

No matter how busy I get, no matter how creative I want to get with another concept that needs to get a soul – my family shoots still stay amazing because these people, grow on you, and treat you like gold because you get to connect with them, and their precious loved ones.

This stunning shoot was done overlooking the Hartbeespoort Dam, at this family’s amazing home. These two girls, were a hoot, and enjoyed them so much. They made me laugh, and each other, and have such great personalities, and beautiful smiles.

What a friendly parent-couple. I was treated like family, and even offered lunch. We were able to smartly use their home for their shoot, and some off-camera flashing, made for beautiful light on them.

I can never express how important family photo shoots really are, and how much it does mean to capture your family in a visual way. Children grow, and people get older, and showcasing it in this special way, has a priceless way of never letting us forget the big, and the small things, and sometimes the little time we have.

This wonderful family ended up getting the most stunning canvasses done for their home, and we’re busy printing a book for them as well, that has all of their images, in a design.

With family shoots I am sure to get images of all members, the parents as couple, the siblings, and individuals of everyone as well.

The variety is a full-rounded product, and something that makes it worthwhile.

I get to travel for my work, almost weekly, and I work all over our Gauteng province, sometimes even further. I see it as a privilege to have clients near and far, and to make connections, and create bonds – and to build relationships. Family shooting in Hartebeespoort – an incredible day next to the dam, with stunning images to keep forever.

It makes all of this, every single late night, and extra effort, and additional thing to do – worth it.


Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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