Family Photo Shoot in Pretoria

Doing family shoots makes me for a moment a part of a different family, a role I very happily play. Making jokes with the children, getting parents to laugh, and using the surroundings, is a great pro to my job. I remember my family shoots very vividly and fondly. This family stays on a big farm just outside of Pretoria, and we used the fields, and the great active sky that was looming to their advantage. The rains came soon thereafter. A family shoot in Pretoria – close to my home, and the chance to meet new people that I can build a relationship with.

With a beautiful mommy, a daddy who nothing but adores his girls, and three bubbly sisters, we had a great time together. The Theron family was referred by another family I previously blogged about, and it’s great when word travels that you provide a stunning and high-quality product.

The best thing with kids is to let them be kids. They will run around and sometimes try their best to smile, not knowing it looks humorously artificial, and you need to work around it, and find ways to drag smiles out of them by being a clown, and getting in-between moments. These three girls like running, making jokes with each other, tickling, and their funny daddy who pulled faces.

Make your clients comfortable, suggest casual poses and help them to smile for a natural feel to their photos.

Loci Photography does family photo shoots in Pretoria, Johannesburg, all over Gauteng.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer.

Family Photo Shoot In Pretoria