A family shoot in Cape Town

A family shoot in Cape Town

The absolute best family! I had a wonderful opportunity to visit Cape Town recently, and was able to photograph this fun family for a family shoot in one of the neighbourhoods, and this little bunny whilst there! It just happened to be the coldest, most wet time EVER in Cape Town, with the mountain snow just freezing, so we dressed him up warm, and did this shoot with this family right there in their living room.

Family shoots still stay a favourite, because families grow, and go through various great moments, and adding children to your mix is already something awesome – adding visual memories to that is part of what I do, but it isn’t just something I do – it’s something that I hold close to my heart because long after my cameras are packed up, these parents continue to raise babies into people, and keeping track of that throughout years is what makes this job special, and actually quite profound.

I had only one light with me, and not a lot of space, but I liked what I had to work with, and we still made it happen.

Loci has been doing what its been doing for almost six years. I know that in the eyes of being in business that isn’t so long and I know of photographers and studios that have been along for more than ten years – but to me, it feels like a long time having had been a part of hundreds of family’s journeys already, and seeing their babies get born, and seeing their children grow.

I often realize how lucky I am – nothing about this job I take for granted and I still look at it everyday, seeing what I have to perhaps edit or design for people, and realize how I’m in a space where I get to be creative, whilst connecting with the best people.

This family is so special, and this little boy is awesome – being half-Chinese and half-South African, he has the best of great worlds, and parents who ADORE him. A family shoot in Bellville – it was more of a blessing to me, than maybe it was for them.

Thank you Cape Town family! I hope to see you soon again!


Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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