Family photography in Pretoria

Family photography in Pretoria

Family photography in Pretoria

I am in LOVE with this family…what a beautiful day spent at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens – working and staying in Pretoria mostly, makes for amazing Family photography in Pretoria. The Gardens are 15min from where I stay in Pretoria and it’s still beautifully maintained, safe and full of stunning spots where the trees and flowers really add to the shoot’s feel. It was later in the afternoon so the sun’s romance added to the warmth of our shoot together with this family that really has a reason to smile so bright after having had a tough first year with this beautifully friendly little boy. What a beautiful mommy and such a proud daddy….and this kid’s smile man…..made me really feel warm inside.

I want to always do the best in every single shoot I produce. This was such a special shoot for me and we had tremendous fun. Mommy tried everything she could to make this boy smile and she quite succeeded. The ease of them together is something I’ll remember.

She tickled him, and he sat with his Dad and they all just walked and played and strolled together with the greatest of comfort and ease and I enjoyed their energy as photographer, you could sense their love for each other so palpably and the enormous love and care they have for this little sweet boy is incredible. He gave me such beautiful smiles and laughs and I enjoyed every moment capturing them…

Families have no way of knowing when something tragic or amazing might happen to them next, or if when they have a baby, that that might take them down a challenging road before they have a healthy baby or even a baby that always has to be monitored. We never know when family members might pass away, and we treasure all the moments we have with anyone close to us…

Photos are one of the ways we get to do that, we get to always remember our children being cute, and giving smiles because they are so joyful, and we get to remember the days we made the time to take images that would become memories that will last forever…

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer

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