Family Photography in Pretoria, on location at the Union Buildings

Family Photography in Pretoria.

I absolutely love this family! The stunning mommy worked at the Ukrainian embassy and whilst they are now back there, or maybe even in a different country working, for the while they were here they did a couple of shoots with me, even whilst mommy was pregnant still, and this awesome outdoor shoot was done to remind them of the wonderful time they had in South Africa, and their baby wasn’t so much a baby anymore but a busy little boy.

We decided to go to the awesome Union Buildings, a place that really makes for amazing backdrops and always bustling with some atmosphere.

Doing what I do makes for having had worked with the best of clients, and such lovely families. We did this mommy amazing maternity shoot in Maboneng, JHB, and now this boy with his big blue eyes and mommy’s sweet nature, is already so big and running around everywhere.

I work as a portrait photographer, and that includes various different types of shoot that has to do with people – such as materinities, boudoir shoots, corporate events- and functions as well as for purposes such as their annual reports and organograms, fitness shoots, beauty shoots, and then some fun family shoots. So my work is quite diverse and whatever the family needs, we try and work around it. Some shoots in the blog are quite posed and classically done in studio with a certain feel that makes it very stylish, others are done outside with children having the freedom to run around.

It all depends on what your specific family might need or want, or what look you might want, and if your goal is perhaps to have products printed for your home, then we render in that factor as well, as certain colours work better in sets and maybe your printed products would have to be adjusted to perhaps a black and white version, that would suit your furniture or room best, for it to be more timeless.

Family Photography in Pretoria.


Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer

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