When I think back over my 20’s, it seems on the one hand they went severely fast, and on the other, I can remember how the one year had flown into the next, bringing new growth and new stuff to learn.

That’s perhaps the journey to parenthood as well. One moment you still get to hold a small baby, the next you have running kids who can do all sorts of wonderful things. I have come across many parents who say they truly wish they took more pictures of their children and with their children when they were growing up.

I love to provide that professional service, because I know how it is my job to anticipate moments in regards to cute expressions and smiles and giggles, and how to give clients then, a great, emotional product which they can keep forever.

Family photography has taught me a great deal about us as humans, and every family is different, but also the same. The are all connected by memories and ties that bind them, even if their set-up looks different than the next family’s set-up.

These two kids, captured my heart and this is why I like family photography. They were fun, full of energy, and had an amazing freedom about them, just like kids should have. They just smiled, and enjoyed the studio, and we had a blast together. I think they’re awesome, and I’m happy to be a part of this moment. Their mom had to distract them with all sorts of funny antics from the side, and it was during a March with heavy rains, and not too warm inside the room either.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialised Photographer