Family Photography in Klerksdorp, Loci Photography

You get to meet people sometimes that make you feel as special, as you want to make them feel during a photoshoot. This amazing, amazing family is from Klerksdorp, and I met the beautiful mom during a previous shoot she had organised for her sister before her wedding.

We found some woods where we could use the area and environment’s colours and we had tremendous fun.

She is the type of mother than wanted to have the look and feel for her family shoot unique, and she is crazy about all of her boys, so she had an old car pulled into the woods, some balloons, a couch ready even…

All three of the boys have different interests and different personalities, and we wanted to show a bit of that in a way. Their bubble middle boy have a deep love for animals, and their cute dog were made part of the shoot as well.

I really loved everything about this shoot, the location, the time of day, working with the foliage colours, and their stunning attitude towards all of it.

A family shoot’s worth can almost not be judged. It is such a precious thing because families change, and children just seem to get older, and bigger so fast.

The day provided a beautiful soft, yellow tone as the sun was setting through the trees, and it made of all of the leaves also echoing the colours and beautiful tones.

Doing photography has given me the chance to be creative as well as meet amazing new people. Almost every shoot is different than the last one, no two family- or boudoir- or even corporate shoots are the same. That is what keeps this job interesting and makes for exciting ventures every time. This special shoot in Klerksdorp was a unique, fond shoot, and this family, is definitely one of my favourites…..

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography