Family photography will always be something I enjoy doing, because children have this wonderful of growing up too quickly, and each and every time you get to meet your clients, the children are in new phases and have new mannerisms and quirks. I completely love that. This always evolve, and always gives us new, fresh situations to work with.
If perhaps someone is bored doing photography, they are in the wrong line of doing it. I guess product photography will always be needed – I’ll just kindly have to pass, because I love working with the people.
Having small children like these laugh and giggle because their dad is a clown, is amazing, and seeing them try and smile as best they can, is a hoot.
Whether it’s new clients for which I am grateful for, or previous client’s who will always trust you for their precious family images, it’s amazing to still be a part of the plan, and part of their growth, and give that product to them.
Working with children, requires some patience and understanding, and getting down to their level, where perhaps they want to tell you a secret, and forget what to say, or, desperately what to show you how they can jump. Entertain that, try and bond with them, and try your best to get some authentic smiles and giggles. Make family photography time, a special time for both family, and yourself as the artist.

 Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialized Photographer