Family Photography in Johannesburg South

The best way, I know that my business has such great growth is the fact that I get both new clients, as well as previous clients who keep coming back for newer sets of images as their children keep growing and their families expanding.

This wonderful family treats me as pure family when I visit, and it’s wonderful to hear the mother say the children already ask a week before their shoot, when am I now coming. These boys mean so much to me, and I appreciate the family’s support so much. The eldest was still a newborn when I met them, and now he is already six, as well as an added brother – whose whole time during his mother’s maternity was documented, and set into a stunning book to keep.

With photography being so vast, and now being able to do everything- and virtually anything – I always hear what my clients wants and if possible, provide this for them. This particular- and lovely family likes their clean-looking studio images, and every year we shoot together – an outing I always look forward to. This was at 7h in the morning, and both kids were dressed fully, and ready for me – all due to a very awesome mommy.

Many times people ask me what to wear for their family shoots, and I always advise – through experience – that the cooler colours really work well, such as blues, purples and greens. It seems to not be too distractive other than the very warm colours that can get a little overwhelming visually.

With small children – it doesn’t help to rush them, it doesn’t help to get impatient with them, and only through making some jokes with them, and getting down to their level, will you most probably get some good images out of them that way.

Family Photography in Johannesburg South

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer