Family photography is what makes most of my world go round as photographer. With these people I grow, and with many I have walked a long path, over years already. This family, stole my heart, and this baby, is an amazing little boy.

I have amazing people, that ask for my services. This is an older couple, who met each other later in life, and then married as they were happy with their soul mate. Mommy had baby, and together, a great little family wanted some awesome family photography,  of this cutie and themselves. I love traveling to my families and doing these.
It was still during winter time this happened, and I was able to take my mobile studio set-up through to my clients for their special shoot which we were able to set-up in their home. This system, seems to work very well, especially for corporate shoots where the clients usually prefer a white backdrop for their images, for a clean feel, and something they are able to again use in different formats.
Working with children, can be tricky, they do have minds of their own, and how smaller the kiddy, the more challenging it can be. Patience, is the only way, even if you are running on time. Because you still would love to provide the family with a great product, and you do want to see it through…. Makes jokes, bring out toys with noises, have daddy be a clown, and then just try the best you can. Be ready for the moment, and snap away.
So, it’s something to work for, and work on, and families will appreciate you all the more, if you are able to give that a little bit more of your time, to be sure to accommodate the kids, and get great shots of them too.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialised Photographer