Family photography in Kempton Park


Making families happy and serving them visually has been, and still is a passion of mine. It’s all people, and people grow and get new people added to their families, and add little tiny people who are awesome and full of amazing spunk and cute personalities, and this family is very true and close to my heart as I have known them for years, and have seen their little girl grow into such a little lady already.

This was a beautifully quiet but stormy day, and luckily the rain stayed away enough for us to do our shoot outside with dramatic clouds and skies full of color and attitude. But that added to the fun, we knew it might rain any moment, so we hustled to get that cute little madam to smile for a few photos, and I acted all silly to hype up my family for fun, casual and comfortable photos, which they delivered in return for me in excellent style.

Families like these who trust the photographer’s skill, and are willing to work with circumstances and sometimes shoots that need to be postponed because of these elements and understands, makes for wonderful, memorable people with wonderful memories captured.

Shoots don’t always end up perfect or 100% the way we planned, but if we can pivot together and get a fun product, a good photographer will deliver the rest. This family knew things might go a bit skew and helped me by organising a family quickly into groups and combinations, and helping with all sorts of antics to make the important toddler smile.

Incredible families like these make me love my job, and the service I get to deliver, and the quality product I get to create. Family photography in Kempton Park….or Benoni, Boksburg, Pretoria, Johannesburg – it all makes for serving families in the best memorable way.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography