Family Photography in Hartebeespoort, Loci Photography

Once again, I’ll never be able to really exclaim enough, how much my families, and doing Family Photography mean to me. My direct family is good to my heart, but my photography families also. Visiting them, knowing I’ll be able to give them some precious memories, is something I know they will treasure, and this makes me happy, and makes a lot of this worthwhile.

Having your own business is definitely a hustle, and definitely not always easy. It takes a certain amount of self-discipline that you sometimes struggle to uphold and it takes making sure your responsibilities are met. Through good references you’ll always generate new work as well, because you delivered a good service and a great product, and that is definitely what I aim for, I do not feel it is fair to exploit people, and not give them great images, if that is what you say you are  – a professional. Family Photography is one place you’ll build good relationships.

This wonderful, loving family stays in Hartebeespoortdam, and we were able to do their shoot right at their home, having a lovely few of the dam. Two bubble, smart and spunky girls definitely made my afternoon interesting, and I enjoyed them so much, that I am happy to be taking their images back to them this coming weekend, as well as show them samples of products such as books, prints and canvasses they are able to order.

I shot them with the help of the beautiful afternoon light, and made sure for that added extra touch, with the Elinchrom location kit.

In today’s day- and age, I am sure so many people, not even professional photographers, are able to capture good images with decent cameras, as there is such a great variety of technologically advanced machines out there, and it seems to be an interest for many people, perhaps because photography captures their life, and it now seems we get to hold on to memories and moments for longer.

I’m still grateful though for many families that “knock on my door” proverbially, wanting a professional photographer to capture it for them.

Thank you Oberholster’s, this was such fun.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer