Family photography done outdoors

Family photography done outdoors

I’ll always enjoy writing about families, because they are the foundation of what I should and what keeps me going. Families grow, and they stay your clients for such a long time if you treat them well, and make them feel special, because every family is unique and I love listening to their stories. This wonderful family was the mommy and a boudoir shoot first some years ago before she got married, and she gave that to her husband-to-be as a wedding gift. Now, as they have this lovely little girl as addition to their unit, it’s such fun to reconnect again with them, and have so many different stories to share, and what they plan for their future.

We had a lovely afternoon together at one of my favorite spots, the Pretoria Botanical Gardens, because the Gardens still are maintained so well, and even in winter, you have different colors to work with as the background and the trees change. For Family photography done outdoors, this is a spot I love to visit.

Walking around there is such a calm, peaceful activity, as you only hear birds and bugs, and have the late afternoon sun coming through leaves.

We wanted to have something done for them before they moved to Australia, for a new life awaiting the family.

It was such a fresh way of shooting, seeing that I LOVE studio, and Loci is doing the most amazing things now in studio – but location is something I adore as well, and being outside beats many battles.

Photography has changed so much believe it or not, one thinks it’s still the same as many years ago, you operate machine and produce images of people….or anything in front of its lens. It’s not, there is a huge social aspect to it, and making it happen FOR your people, making them comfortable, and seeing how your connection is what helps them relax, and gives better images because you put in the work. My families will always be special to me, and every next and following shoot, I treasure…..

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer

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