Family Photography done on location

Family Photography is something that has always been a part of my photography career, and through that I have been able to make great connections, and build fond relationships. I can never let down these clients, and I hopefully never stop doing these shoots, because I know how much not only the images mean to the family, but how much the valuable word of mouth has meant to my success.

Happy clients speak highly of anyone, and good service has always been a part of how I run my business. When I studied photography in 2004, we had been able to learn many disciplines of photography, both studio and on location, and it’s exactly how, and where I had been able to shot with many families. Some of them prefer to do studio shoots, and many like the feel of a location shoot, somewhere outside, either using a nice house, or a park.

This lovely family all dressed in similar hues, and their children and grandchildren made for beautiful laughs and giggles.

I always make sure to get a lot of variety with the family members, from just couple images of the parents, and all cousins, or brothers and sisters together, and this gives a full-rounded product to these very important clients.

Whether winter or summer, I feel we can always do any sort of Family Photography, different season needn’t have to deter these memories, and a good photographer try and do their best with any sort of situation or environment.

I do know, there are many different photographers, and clients will always choose and go with the service providers they feel most comfortable with, but when I shoot – I take the time to compose well, to guide well with posing, to give a good product that can always look back on, and be sure all loved ones, now has a visual reminder.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer