Family Photography done at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens


Some families have special places in a photographer’s heart. This lovely family also has had it’s ups and down, has changed over the years, but came out strong, and this incredibly beautiful and amazing mom, loves to showcase how her kids get to grow up so quickly. Time just seems to move immensely quickly, and I remember these children as the cutest babies – which seems not too long ago…..and it already has been years.

Even though the studio feel is something I adore, and works for me so well, doing a family shoot somehow stays casual, light and fun when we use a lovely outside- and environmental location, and for this shoot we opted for the trusty venue of choice, the Pretoria Botanical Gardens – and I use it for the reason of it still being a tranquil space, that is safe, well maintained, has open fields as well as beautifully dense walkways with greenery and flowers, and it’s transformation later in the day, when the sun sets – and throws its light throw the many beautiful tall trees as it sits lower, makes for something quite romantic and beautiful, and gives any photoshoot beautiful colour and some romance and softness.

Their use of bolder, brighter colour as clothing, was something refreshing and welcoming, and worked well with the warmer, yellow light the sun already gave us for free in abundance. This brother- and sister duo adore each other, and are such good friends. They had a blast posing together, and made my job very easy.

Good client service is a must, as a photographer I obviously love to serve visually, but as a business person – the lasting impression you’ll leave with clients aren’t always what product they’ll receive, but how you served them before the shoot, how you communicated with them about time, venue and logistics, how you helped them with poses and angles during the shoot, how friendly you were, and how after the shoot, you make sure to get their product ready with care and quality – something Loci has adamantly done for 8 years of business already.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography