Doing family photography on location

Families will always be the core of Loci Photography’s business, because people and their families seem to evolve, they get new babies and babies turn into little people that grow, and eventually, all sorts of new events will happen within the family, and the beloved photographer can be a part of all of it. Doing family photography on location is what got Loci Photography started seven years ago, and before that I worked at a studio where we did mostly family photography, and I loved it.

This wonderful family I met in Johannesburg, and the lovely mommy had a brand-new baby, and she is totally delicious.

On a bit of a rainy Cape Townian morning I was able to meet with them again, after their move and after the birth of this lovely one. She is the sweetest little thing.

Babies……are not something Loci does everyday, but when I get the chance to intact with these wonderful new additions to the world, it always fills my heart because there is hope for something new, something kind and something with a lot of amazing potential, and it all nestled in the little bodies of these babies.

Whilst mostly based in Johannesburg and Pretoria, I do get the chance to travel every so often, and part of my last Cape Town trip was this family shoot as well as helping with floral installations for a wedding and a planned styled shoot done in Philadelphia.

I do sometimes enjoy the little bit of getting away – I truly do enjoy both Johannesburg and Pretoria as cities, but there is a deep love for Cape Town, it is just another world. I am always grateful for all of my shoots and all of my opportunities, to see clients I have known for years in another part of the country is just as much fun.

Families and babies will always be something I enjoy photographing, it’s what capture the evolving, growing part of who we are.

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Yolandi Jacobsz, specialized photographer