Doing event photography in Pretoria


I guess the term “cuteness overload” can be used in vain, and is perhaps such a popular phrase already currently, but this little girl…..was cuteness, and IS cuteness, and never stopped being cute. Her facial expressions were amazing, and I had such a blast with her.

She turned a full one years old and of course, a big deal was made of it by her parents and family, with a pink- and penguin themed cake smash and party held at one of my favourites venues to photograph at, the Pretoria Botanical Gardens.

I have always loved the Gardens, as they provide a gorgeous green backdrop year- round, is still beautifully maintained and safe to shoot at.

Her tutu had all of the fluff, and her t-shirt the most adorable penguin, and her cake….the best thing to smoosh her little hands into. She was such a joyful little birthday girl, and her event was a pleasure to photograph. It’s never a bad idea to celebrate your children, and if it’s possible to hold a special birthday for a cute birthday, I’m there for all of it.

Perhaps one thing that 2020 taught all of us, and what lockdown forced us to face – is how family is important, time isn’t always guaranteed and your people need to be looked after. So admittingly, some birthdays can be a bit too much, but when you’re one, you have a cute smile, a huge tutu and such kind and generous parents, it’s good to see how it’s still celebrated that a year has passed in one baby’s life, and everyone is still healthy. Doing event photography in Pretoria, Johannesburg, the East Rand…all over Gauteng will most probably again return in full glory, and special moments like these will once again be captured with joy.


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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography