Doing boudoir – the Loci manner, a product from the studio

Doing boudoir wil always a be a favourite because I think it’s a genre where you can break many rules. Many doing it in studio isn’t fully considered boudoir, and maybe it doesn’t have the bedroom feel, but it’s part of my style, and some clients really love their products and I still like the look and feel of it. It’s a bit more on the fashion- and portfolio side, but it’s part of a product I offer, and even though it’s still so much fun to go and shoot at clients’ homes or venues of their choice , such as this coming summer with some boudoirs happening – I still offer the studio and it’s moody feel to client’s who prefer to use it for their shoots.

This incredible girl has brightened up my studio and she has such a bubbly, funky personality and a really infectious laugh, and then suddenly when you pick a camera up in front of her, she transforms into something sensual and sexy in all the right ways.

Boudoir’s only mission I have ever felt, is to make the woman in front of the camera feel amazing. Her “muchness” must come across, and with the help of the photographer, she must just enjoy herself, and have a shoot she’ll remember for a long time, because she felt so beautiful. Her product must be something that brings her joy, that she can look back on fondly, and remember with such appreciation of how she herself, was able to showcase who she is in quite a vulnerable and intimate way.

Doing boudoir – the Loci way, I guess is what I enjoy and what I am proud of. Styles change and so will mine again at some point, but what I have and what I offer is still something that people enjoy, and the effort put into each shoot, making sure about all of its aspects and working with each woman individually, to make her shoot, the best.


Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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