Creative Photography, how to imagine, and live your dream

I guess I don’t always know why things happen the way they happen, and I know starting with my photography journey have taking me down paths I didn’t think it would. I have met amazing people, and have seen stunning places, and have been inspired to do creative and brilliant things. Creative photography is a part of my life, one I love, and a big one at that.

I like my job, and I feel I do it well. Being creative has brought me closer to many dreams. I have always tried to develop it as best I could, with from having little toys and only imagining cars and houses and pets for them, to making many of my own costumes, and designing my own concepts for interesting and different shoots. If we don’t photograph with any depth in our vision, any vision in our minds of an end product that will make the audience look, and look again, then we’re not really photographing. We’re replicating, and that isn’t fair.

Listening to Danie Bester from DPC courses tell his students how to photograph an image like one would read a book, how it requires insight, and how gear is good, but vision is better.

Many things happened last year that has taught me to grow, and have made me to see things so much differently than at the start of it.

In this industry we have many strange things happen, because everyone wants to be on top, and there is a sense of desperation because of this is your career, and you make a living from it, it pays for everything you have. Some people steal images, and many promise the world.

I would say, to always stay true to you, when you clearly know what that is, and fight the good fight.

After some things haven’t worked out, I have promised myself to attend the WPPI – one of the biggest photography conferences in the world, held in Las Vegas every year, in 2018. I’ll take this year and make it a good one, and work to go on my own. And I’m really looking forward to it.

Sue Bryce – if you’re in the photography circles you’ll definitely know who she is, and the stature of her work, said that you must vividly imagine, and what you most ardently desire, and enthusiastically act upon – this must inevitably come to pass.

And I’m believing that, and living it. Creative Photography.

I’ve loved it all, and I love this journey.


Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer

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