Creative collaborating at the Loci Photography Studio

Every now and again it’s amazing to do something creative and different to the norm – getting creative, collaborating at the Loci Photography studio, makes for amazing content. For this shoot, it was after my other sister company, The Nicolassi Brand, worked with Barclay Studios, for a styled bridal shoot. Nicolassi has a goal and aim, to work with other creatives to create for their styled shoots and workshops, and to make some elements that will add to the visual element of that project, and after that amazing shoot with them, there were some floral elements over which I didn’t want to waste.

I am super grateful for the skill to be able to photograph my own products as well, and after making some elements off of the bloom leftovers, I used the beautiful Jalien Reyneke of Barclay Studios as my model, for some small dainty floral tattoos I had made.

It’s a lovely trend overseas already, and many brides use these little elements in lieu of their bouquet, or as wearable piece of art that echoes their bridal flowers for the day.

It’s a different way of looking at flowers, of using flowers, or making something more of them for your wedding day or event, and because flowers are so beautiful, to use their beauty in an alternative way, call it out of the box if you will.

I do love the studio, I have for many years, it’s a discipline where I feel many things can be achieved technically if you understand certain lighting setups well but for me it’s also the place where I get the best done in creative collaborating.

Studio is almost like a bottomless pit, you can never know enough I think, and there is always something more to learn from masters doing it and there sure are talented people in this world to follow.

These little dainty floral tattoos are always different in look, it’s almost never that two look the same, the elements of cool little blooms adds to it fresh feel, and wearing it on your as opposed to in a bouquet or boutonniere makes it all the more appealing.

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Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer