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Couple shoot in Blouberg

Some shoots I just love, not per se more than others, but my stomach hurts from laughing, that’s how good they turn out, and these two awesome people, made my absolute day. Very, very sick I climbed on a plane to Cape Town, and I felt – maybe this is a mistake.

They know each other so well and is so comfortable with each other, and on a moody day in Cape Town, we did something that is a bit different to my style, but something I wanted to do for some time, and just switch it up a little. I wanted a bit of a lifestyle shoot and something that just looks not…styled hectically and not as posed. ANd they were perfect and the setting was perfect. I had an image in my mind, and it turned out pretty much like I imagined and for future shoots, I would love to visit the beach more, and do more of this. It’s not a shoot that includes a huge team, and a big set of stylists, it’s plain fun, and emotion and some elements.

Coughing and sniffing this was done, but it was amazing, and I was with people who enjoy each other’s company and us looking at Table Mountain, something we all enjoy, and it was a shoot that made me heart happy.

We don’t always have the luxury for good landscapes and backdrops in Gauteng, and this was just such a blessing and to have it look like I wanted is even better.

Couple shoots are awesome, two people are crazy about each other and I get to document it….:) This, was a Couple shoot in Blouberg, one of my utmost favourite places.

I’m putting it out into the universe for more of these, because it just seemed so right and I enjoyed it so much.

If there are couple in the Cape Town area, and any areas such as Blouberg, Clifton, Llandudno, Houtbaai – I wanna be hooked with some more shoots this summer coming!


Yolandi Jacobsz, specialised photographer

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