Couple Boudoir Photography done in Studio


It’s not every day I get to photograph a  couple for a sensual BOUDOIR COUPLE shoot. These are rare and far and few in between – but I am there for all of it and I loved the outcome of this couple’s images.

I have seen so many many times how people can never be judged based on appearances, and this lovely short woman and wife were one of those pleasant surprises. She was a bit shy and soft spoken, and suddenly transformed into someone with a gorgeous look and expression as I picked up the camera.

The love between this married couple is palpable, and they wanted a sensual and beautiful shoot that would capture that, as they do everything together, and almost never are apart.

I had such a blast with them, and enjoyed posing their two different shapes in bodies together in flattering and loving ways to make sure we kept the shoot still loving, but that they were both represented well.

The studio with its way of creating mood and atmosphere, were kind to these two, as we worked together to give them a product of quality, true to my style. The shadows fell in all of the right places and I wanted to use a black and white set for this blog, as this shoot was all about emotion, and their togetherness.

My hope would be for Loci photography to see more COUPLE boudoirs being booked, as it’s always a lady wanting to have a shoot done for a specific reason, usually as a gift to their partners. But seemed to work so well, it was an incredible yin and yang symbiose of two bodies and difference in sexes, working together in unison, and the studio welcomed the fresh new type of shoot it was able to do. Couple boudoir photography done in studio is definitely becoming a hit, and makes for an amazing product.

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Yolandi Jacobsz
Specialized Photographer, Loci Photography