Client care – the best investment for your business

I feel client care is superbly important, and even though money makes the word go round, and we all need it for our necessities, and it’s what we’ve come to believe is our only survival – but I do feel there needs to be a more personal aspect of it as well, and if not giving some careful attention, no client will feel comfortable fully with you as their trusted service provider, and they are unlikely to ever refer you again to potentially more clients.

From even before a shoot, the communication, and how you help clients to prepare – with what they need to get ready in regards to perhaps what colours go well together for their family shoot, and all the siblings with mom and dad, or a boudoir client wondering what type of underwear or sleepwear would fit her best, it’s good to offer the best help you can and make the whole process for them something pleasurable.

I also believe we are all connected, there is something in helping each other that we can all connect with, and we associate much more with a person when they are compassionate and looks like they want to give us a good product, which is what I strive for. I believe that my clients can definitely see that I enjoy my job, and they am good at getting a good, proper image of them, a good representation of them that they would be proud of.

We’ve gone back to a place of appreciating the value of the immortal power photography has, and that images is what we want to treasure, it’s our life in pictures, our children, our people, our growth.

I do love what I do, and I know how this shows in my client care. Maybe this is only business, and maybe this should be run more with more turnover in mind, but I can’t get my heart not to care about the people that trust my craft.

Client care is a main priority of mine, and I know how it gets appreciated by my great clients.


Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialised Photographer – my Pink Book listing!