I’ve been doing boudoir shoots for a couple of years, and it definitely has been the genre of my heart. It has been the most evolving too. Having had studied many online libraries and galleries, I’ve had a look at some trends overseas, and I also find the on-location feel boudoir shoots fit my style the best.

Even though now I steer my clients into using that idea rather, – either by doing the shoot at their homes, or having many of them opt for a hotel, or guesthouse rather, I have previously don’t boudoir shoots with a studio setup as well, and it does have its own feel.

It’s a completely different control of light, and with a more moody studio set-up, it is almost about where the shadows mostly will fall, and lesser about the big spill of light usually from windows and doors in a home- or hotel room.

This though, was an amazing boudoir done with the studio set-up, so it was darker, moodier, and showed off my client’s beautiful lines in a more focused way, instead of also having a foreground- or background to focus on.

Women…..are amazing creatures, and very intricate and delicately put together. Never once does that mean they will raffle out with things get tough, but they have a certain sensitive attitude towards their own bodies, and for each woman it is different.

This journey, of having to give them, a good representation of themselves, differs each time I get to do this shoot, and with every woman, there is a unique way of working with her for her to feel good about the product you are producing for her, and her image that you hold within your hands and capabilities.

If it was me in front of the camera, I would want to feel comfortable, sensual, beautiful, and know that the product I will get, would be of a great quality, and my image was taken care of – and that’s exactly what I try and provide to each woman who does a boudoir shoot with me.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

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