I’ve always believed boudoir, is for anyone, and everyone who wants to have the experience for themselves. This wonderful mommy received a previously-purchased voucher for a boudoir shoot with me, from her daughter, and she was thrilled.

With stunning hair, and a gorgeous smile, I enjoyed my time with her so much. She’s confident, and funny, and understands her own beauty so well, something quite rare.

The boudoir shoot, is a favourite genre of mine, as working with women is something I enjoy and love. What magical creatures, and there is a certain x-factor, which men plainly just don’t have. The lines of hips and the dips in shoulders, and a certain look a woman can give you, is all good ingredients for a superb recipe. The second option I have in regards to quotes, includes a beautiful book, designed from scratch, and printed at a high-quality lab. What a great keepsake for you, to remember your shoot fondly by.

We do argue that we do the shoot for our husbands or partners, but a big part of it, is mostly done for us, to satisfy US, and to have us see how beautiful we really are.

This shoot, is always close to my heart, and I drive away from them, happy with what the client and myself were able to produce together.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialised Photographer