For me personally, my strive has always been to provide a great product for me clients, of the best quality. I didn’t just start doing photography for the business side of it, I started doing photography because I knew I could provide people with something passionate, and that every shoot would be different, and also handled that way. Boudoir photos, are very much like that.

The boudoir shoot, is a special, exceptional shoot, because it isn’t something any woman does every day, perhaps even just once in her life.We all have some built-up negativity that has happened in our lives and sometimes it has taken some real guts, and maybe even months of motivating themselves to go through with this. It takes some confidence to really feel this is something you’ll do for yourself, and I commend any woman wanting to have her image, beautifully captured, by someone professional and then placing their trust in you.

Working with many women, I know what boudoir photos can do for you. It uplifts you, makes you feel much more confident, gives you a better idea of what you can be in front of a camera, and makes you feel better in general about how you look, and what the world sees. Yes we know we mustn’t ever listen to what other people say. But we coexists and we know other people watch us, and it does sting when someone says something negative about us.

I myself don’t always feel the best about my body, or image. But it doesn’t mean that haters have the right to say mean stuff, and kill our spirits. A woman wants to know something about her can captivate, and a boudoir shoot has a special, intimate way of showing her how there is something extraordinary beneath the surface, even if she is stripped from an outer layer. Boudoir for the win!!

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography