Boudoir Photography, Pretoria, Loci Photography

Boudoir Photography, is a very intimate and wonderful way, of plainly, and amazingly, celebrating women, and our awesomeness. We’ve only been conditioned to not love our external bodies, but in fact, we are amazing creatures, that are able to do the utmost extraordinary of things, and it only gives the world more power, because women exist.

Women will always be judged and scrutinised but shoots like these are for oneself, and for them to see, that life isn’t all that bad in your most intimate of thoughts, and being there, in front of a camera, sounds daunting, until you see the result, and then will forever love your product.
We don’t always stand together, and we always still, want to aim for smaller bodies, and lesser skin, and things that wobble less, and maybe just a bit more of a tan. Yet, I – shall always try, and show them something else, something deeper, and something more.
Maybe we will never feel we succeed in life with the bodies we have, and if it’s such a desire to be smaller or thinner, why don’t we just do the work, and all work out furiously and all the time. And it’s not that simple.
When I go and do Boudoir Photography, I do know that I am working with women – sensitive creatures, each with their own history, sometimes even painful, and we all, would just like to feel some adoration for how we look, and some admiration for who we are.
This shoot, I do know is for all of us, we all need that moment, and we all, would like to feel amazing and have the images to prove it.
Boudoirs, are magical. I’ll always create this magic for others. I know this magic, exist within each of them too.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialised Photographer