Boudoir Photography in Pretoria

Boudoir Photography in Pretoria.

The Boudoir Shoot will always be one of my most favourite genres. Working with women so closely has been a plus point in getting to do what I do, and this shoot is all about empowerment, strength, feeling purely pretty and getting dressed up in pieces of under garments, which we actually don’t wear everyday, it’s only for special occasions and many time, only for the eyes of our partner.

I loved this girl! She was an absolute firecracker, we probably laughed more than we shot, but we still made incredible magic together and we both enjoyed it so much.

This was, like many of my boudoir clients, her wedding gift t her soon-to-be-husband, and as always – he had no idea this was the plan.

These secretive shoots are a blast, because it’s always the funniest stories in how to sneakily try and get some underwear together, arrange for makeup and try and make he shoot happen when the partner is not around.

Many times these lovely ladies opt for using Loci’s home studio, which has a bit of a different feel, and makes for different posing, but still provides such a high-quality product. Other times, the situation calls for either a venue, or the client’s home, which is where we ended up shooting here.

It was an amazingly cloudy day, and having had my location kit in my car from a shoot the day before, I suddenly had a brainwave and decided to take her up to the second story, and quickly did some shots outside with the dramatic sky being our background.

Being a Pretorianer myself, doing Boudoir Photography in Pretoria has come to be a huge passion, and a superb quality service that Loci provides.

I’ve been doing this shoot for almost 9 years, and ever since I’ve started, I’ve seen its magic and what it does for- and to women. The shoot ends up being lots of laughter, chats and sharing, and making sure that as the professional, I only bring out the very best in each women I get to do this shoot with.


Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer

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