Doing Boudoir Photography in Pretoria

Doing Boudoir Photography in Pretoria
Since moving to Pretoria quite a few number of years ago, it’s been such an adventure of exploring our city, even though the look and feel of it is much different to the bustling routine of Johannesburg. I have always loved Boudoir Photography, and doing Boudoir Photography in Pretoria feels so right for me, it feels like such a rooted inout I can give the genre, from here, even if that makes little sense.

I love doing what needs to be done for the shoot, I think one can get lost in pushing so hard for your business that the actual clients, somehow can get pushed a bit aside. For me, treating the client like absolute gold is what makes sense, is what pours the best kind of energy into my boudoir shoots, and every kind of other shoot for that matter.
I think it’s a very daunting place to come stand in front of a photographer, with virtually very little clothes on, get comfortable – and trust that person with your image. Usually the boudoir shoot is done for a specific reason, whether it is for a groom-to-be for his wedding present, or perhaps for yourself after some incident – whatever your reason for it, it’s always valid and always a good one.

You’re in superb good hands with Loci Photography – handling your shoot is a professional in the industry for close to a decade, and boudoir after boudoir – it still stays special and it still stays my responsibility to make sure the shoot is such a great experience for every client who has trust me with this special event.
Most of my adult life has only been about creating and providing a service, and Doing Boudoir Photography in Pretoria, helps me to give back, in a special way. The huge social skill needed to handle this shoot so well that your clients are at their utmost comfortable, is something that you either have it or you don’t, and your full dedication will shine through in the boudoir product.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Specialized Photographer
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