Boudoir Photography, Johannesburg, on location, Loci Photography

We are becoming to complacent with mundane. When we do whatever we do, whether it is our job, our or mission on earth, we seem to think nothing of it when it’s not done to full potential, when you are not exhausted after it, when you are happy with submitting something banal into this world. It’s really not what is needed anymore.

When you are planning to go to a restaurant with a partner or loved ones, you never say: “Oh, I hope they have average food”, or “Let’s go and have the most average meal we have ever had”. No, you replace that with “the best”, because the best, is what you want. But from ourselves we are happy to exhume average and blah, and it’s suppose to be against our heart’s laws, and the standard we should live up to.

When I do every- and any shoot, I do my very best. The same for my many stunning boudoir shoots. Every time. I have numerous times actually driven home in severe dangerous exhaustion, because it drained me, giving my ultimate self to my job. This, is what I strive for, every time, I meet a client, or give them a product. Every week, I give pieces of my heart away, because my shooting was fueled by my heart’s pulse and my service comes from a profound ethic, that wishes to meet souls and service of like.

My photography, is most of my definition, because my passion is in-weaved in its workings. It’s the best way to give someone a tug at their heartstrings, because my clients get emotional, when they see what was done, to bring their event, or family, or wedding, or boudoir, to life, forever.

My soul, won’t rest. I will forever expand my work especially boudoir which I love so much, to give people, the highest standard of working, and may my ignition and excel, be the very thing, shielding my eyes, from any- and every mundane competition, not doing this with their hearts.

 Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialized Photographer