Having “old” clients again as new clients, is awesome. When ladies who have previously already done a boudoir photography shoot, contact you again for another one, it makes you proud of your craft. This wonderful wife- and mommy of two, said it’s time to do another shoot, before turning 40, and she wanted me again for this special shoot with her.

My boudoir work has been the one thing that I have put in some serious effort to develop and make into a magical product. Because I get to travel all over Gauteng, and sometimes even further, we usually end up doing this shoot at the client’s home, or some even opt for a guest house or hotel. Using their homes, and the features of their space, is a great challenge every time, and one I enjoy. There are many places light falls into rooms, and it takes fine attention to detail to see that, and use it well as the medium that will be draped around your client.

In the follow-up before the shoot, the client and myself communicate often, on what is needed and what to get ready for the  boudoir photography shoot. Certain things, just finishes the shoot off well, and makes for a well-polished set of images. I always tell my clients to get some pieces of jewelry – it’s feminine and look wonderful on camera.

These days all wonderful different pieces of underwear exists, such as out-of-the-ordinary things, like the Teddy they call it, and bustiers, which is suggestion I make to many women as it hides many little flaws in a super smart way. As is the proper French way, suspender stockings look wonderful, and makes for great texture to photograph, and then – some shoes. In many photos we won’t see them, but they give ladies a great posture and some sexy confidence.

Very much the basis for a good boudoir shoot to come…

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography