My first love quite possibly, might always be for Boudoir Photography. What an amazing experience with each woman, as each shoot is unique, and for a new purpose, with a different woman, with her own special reason for doing it. Each new venue or home, give new little places to shoot from, and it’s always a joy to find them. This particular venue had stunning mirrors and their look was very Victorian. This beautiful woman just made for amazing photos and we worked so well together.

It’s all about making someone feel very comfortable, and by helping them and guiding them, to get within their own selves, there where they feel safe, as this can get very daunting, and very intimidating. My job, is to hold their image safe in my hands and with my skill and through some smart posing, and good direction, any and every woman can feel good and lovely, and confident, with a wonderful product they get to keep forever. The Boudoir Photography shoot is many times done as a gift for their partner, wether it be for their upcoming wedding, or as a Valentine’s gift, or perhaps even for themself, and many clients over forty feel this urge to look amazing, and to capture it, and the Boudoir Shoot is the most brilliant idea.

Boudoir photography is here to stay, and it’s the best gift to yourself. For husbands, and partners, absolutely sure – but for yourself, it’s like a great mirror to look into, seeing the ultimate best reflection of yourself.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography

Specialised Photographer