Professional Boudoir Photography, Johannesburg

Sometimes….you just find these clients, with whom you could keep on shooting the whole day if there was time – and then Boudoir Photography get it’s meaning for you truly. This amazing women, was one of them. She just…..had it, and gave me amazing moments I get to blog about over and over again.

Being from the low veld, a game ranger, working with animals in the field, I would have thought her to be much more boyish – instead I found such a lady who worked this shoot amazingly well.

Such a natural, natural beauty, with little makeup and hair just naturally down, she was like a goddess, but ever-so-humble.

Many women ask me, where we would be able to do the shoot, and I suggest their own homes, or the option of perhaps a guesthouse- or hotel. Being from a whole other province, we option for her parent’s home in Randburg, Johannesburg. I try and assure my ladies that we’ll use the house and the area well, and in a smart way, and we always do.

A keen, finely looking eye will look at what there is to work with, and make the image more about the subject, than the room, or the environment and there are many smart moves- and tricks to do that. My favourite thing to look for, is a reflection, be it in a mirror, or a window, or another piece of glass somewhere, or even a swimming pool – but it’ll always make for a successful photo because of the visual appeal it has – the double beauty.

Furthermore, any light that flows over your lady, almost drowning her with it, is stunning and makes for dreamy images.

I guess you first have to know the rules before you break them, and it does sometimes happen where I “cut” heads off to be sure to emphasize stunning pieces of underwear. Boudoir Photography have little rules, and if there are….I sure do love breaking them.

Yolandi Jacobsz, Loci Photography